A course on clay surface finishing and plastering and various natural clay paints

Welcome to this course to learn about various clay mortars and clay surfaces.

These courses are targeted at everyone interested in building with clay.

Clay surface finishing and plastering and various natural clay paints
Clay plastering is used indoors to finish walls, ceilings, stoves, fireplaces and stone ovens. Clay plastering is suitable for plastering various interior surfaces.


3 and 4 September 2022

Day 1:

3 September 2022 | at 10–16 | Skogby

Introduction to finishing various surfaces using finishing mortar. Presentation of various finished clay surfaces and ready-to-use clay paints available.
Coffee and discussion

➣ Work area preparation and making of various surface mortars.
➣ Making of finishing mortar. Plastering of two different finished surfaces.

Day 2:

4 September 2022 | at 10–15 | Skogby

➣ Painting on various surfaces with natural clay paints and recipes for clay paints.


Price: 280 € per person (incl. VAT)
(Both course weekends from 21 to 22 May and from 3 to 4 September 500 € in total)
incl. lunch and coffee

Up to 10 participants

To enroll please contact susanna.kankare@gmail.com

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