The Kore cabin created by the students of the Aalto University Wood Studio is a compact space surrounding the functional core of the building. On one end, there is space for sitting and dining. There is a sleeping loft, too, and those staying over in this cabin get to admire an eloquent ceiling structure and the night sky through a large skylight.

Interior by Aalto University & Asun and Anno, Artek, Fiskars, Iittala, Vaarnii. Artworks from Helsinki contemporary

Welcome to Kore

Kore was designed to save space. Into the core of the house, we packed all the engineering and the most necessary functions: cooking, bathing and working. There is a small lounge area downstairs, and upstairs is reserved for resting and observing the midsummer light or the stars above. Plenty of wood was used from rough plywood made of spruce to knotless birch rib. The house was designed and built in cooperation with the Aalto University Wood Programme.

Best regards from Alessandra, Alexander, Anastasia, Ata, Chisato, Constanza, Djoeke, Esin, Jack, Lucinda, Philip, Sichen, Veronika, Yiyang, Yu

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