This wooden house has been awarded by the Wallpaper magazine. Its flexible hut-type concept provides a sculptural place to relax while enjoying the surrounding landscape. Very few, mostly fixed, furniture is included. The central role has been given to the bed, naturally, made of natural materials including carefully selected bedding.

Welcome to the Space of Mind

Space of Mind is a micro cabin that acts as a dedicated space to think, recharge and unwind. This is somewhere we can find our own peace of mind.

The overall architectural footprint of Space of Mind comes in at just under 10m2. Space-efficient and compact, a guiding emphasis within the design was to similarly express how even a minimal space with only the essentials can offer us the headspace to enjoy what matters most. With less, we can feel more. 

Space of Mind is a collaboration between like-minded companies with a strong focus on sustainability, craftsmanship, and space – from the shape of the building down to the look and feel of the textiles.

  Space of Minds are best enjoyed in the middle of nature, where their small footprint makes sure that the beautiful world surrounding us remains untouched. We hope you find your peace of mind.

Best, Space of Mind 

(Studio Puisto Architects, Protos Demos, Made by Choice, Bonden Living)

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