Art Exhibion
”Secret Garden”
Serafiina Edelmann

Paintings and ceramic scuptures

Fiskars based artist Serafiina Edelmann gets her inspiration for her art from nature, childhood memories and her own garden at Fiskars’ Suutarinmäki. Her works show her love for colours, shapes and small details of nature. The purpose of Edelmann´s art is not to re-create nature as it is but to compose a playful and imaginative display that also has a sense of mystery. What lies beneath the abundant layers of flowers and leaves?

The intense and exuberant colours and flower motifs create an image of lush green gardens, and the little surprises found in their secret caches. Edelmann playfully calls her style repetitive florism. All ceramic sculptures are unique and made freehand.

22th May–30th June
Café Bar Pesula Halleforsintie 1
10470 Fiskars

Free entry
Suitable for children
Not unobstructed