“A modern safari cabin” is one way to describe this triangular building which includes wall-length glass doors that open completely. Those staying over in this cabin have an immediate connection to outdoors. 

The solid log walls and roof provide lean-to kind of shelter. Thanks to the glass walls, any urban tourist looking for a feel for nature gets to enjoy nature in a very modern setting, the interior of which features streamlined furniture and textiles pleasant to the touch. This cabin with the feel of an outdoor space is made of non-pressed logs and looks streamlined in the landscape. There are three main elements to this building: the triangular interior surrounded by nature/garden, the fence and a separate storage space.

Welcome to HAMMOC

The purpose of a building is to provide shelter for human beings. On a very rough level, a shelter is something safe to lean against, a corner from where to observe one’s surroundings. This is what the HAMMOC solution is all about. Its triangular shape supports this idea, maximizing the view of the landscape. Slightly detached in the corner, the room opens up further, enabling natural light to circumvent the space.

In HAMMOC, the visitor may experience a space without clear boundaries or just one direction. HAMMOC meets two basic needs; it provides a place to live and store. So step in, dear guest. We hope you leave your worries behind and find wings for your dreams amidst the greenness.

Best, architects Leo Lindroos and Tuuli Kanerva

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