This sculptural building allows to open and close rooms in an interesting way. The house features sheltered spots as well as impressive views to the surrounding nature through both a large window and a skylight. The sleeping quarters take place in a solid but spacious alcove. A custom-made kitchen highlights the overall experience of the space. This collection of houses suits both eco tourism and remote work.

Welcome to UFO

UFO is an experiential space that inspires a meaningful connection with our environment and ourselves.

UFO is a single-story, mobile building that is suitable for a wide range of uses. It can be, for example, a guest house, a home office, a spa room, or a holiday home.

UFOs can be placed on site individually or in small groups. The buildings are delivered pre-assembled and can be moved to other locations as needed.

UFO houses are available in different sizes. When placed on the same plot, they form a versatile, cohesive whole.

UFO is a part of the Kosmos Collection of mass timber buildings, which stand out for their sculptural design.

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