House by an Architect

One of the three main exhibitions at Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale (from 22 May to 4 September 2022) is ‘House by an Architect’ that presents wood architecture, interior design for small spaces and contemporary art.

In this summer’s Fiskars Village Biennale, architecture is playing the leading role. The event will present a collection of mini houses, a building category that is gaining popularity around the world. Their design is not based on any given location but on adaptability to various different environments. Understanding architecture means appreciating architecture. The House by an Architect exhibition provides designers and manufacturers an opportunity to engage in dialogue with the visitors of the Fiskars Biennale. Making a small space functional, sustainable and aesthetically attractive requires plenty of creativity.

The House by an Architect collection consists of seven mini houses designed by AS LL TK, Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Sommarnöjen, Ateljee Sotamaa, Studio Puisto, and the Wood Studio of Aalto University. The exhibition is completed by a house built in a tree. The final house of the collection is Kristian Talvitie’s KOJA, a modern treehouse designed for electric car maker Polestar.

‘House by an Architect’ is a new content and communication concept established by the founder of the Fiskars Village Biennale, Luovi Productions, that addresses contemporary residential architecture from a variety of perspectives. The objective of the project is to emphasize the importance of high quality design in construction.

House by an Architect exhibition opens to the public on Friday 26 May.

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