Fiskars Greenhouses

Fiskars Village is happy to host the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale already for the second time. As the birthplace of Fiskars, the main partner of the event, the Village has always nurtured creative crafts and design, and been inspired by human-centric innovations.

Our own installation is a call to conversation about the immeasurable value of biodiversity. Consisting of ten custom-made greenhouses, the piece reminds us of the importance of nature in its natural state. Not everything should be used.

Fiskars Greenhouses presents raw materials used in Fiskars products next to living plants, encouraging the viewer to think about the relationship between cyclical and growing.

The Greenhouses have been designed by Petteri Masalin. They’re built in Fiskars Village from FSC certified wood by carpenter, designer Atte Pylvänäinen. The plants have been curated by gardener Eija Sulkava, plants are from Garden Ruusupapu, Fiskars. The installation is curated by Fiskars.