Konstrundan is a well-established event, organized in Finland annually since 2008. This will be the 15th time Konstrundan will be arranged.

During Konstrundan, professional artists, craftsmen and designers open their studios and workshops to the public. The purpose of Konstrundan is to increase the understanding of domestic contemporary art, crafts, and design, and to promote artistic work through personal meetings between the public and creative artists. Konstrundan supports the participants in their professional practice bz creating new sales opportunities as well as valuable networks among artists and the general public.

Konstrundan and the other programmes around Konstrundan are free of charge both for participating artists and visitors.

Konstrundan takes place during the first weekend in September; Sat-Sun 3-4.9.2022 and artists will keep their studios open between 11-17.

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Ã…bolands Hantverk rf Konstrundan, illustration Jenni Tuominen