A snug central terrace ties together this entity of several small units. Thanks to the very original design, the lines between indoor and outdoor space fade out, challenging the scope of the house versus furniture.

Interior by Ulla Koskinen, Iittala, Nikari and Woodnotes.

Welcome to Kiiruna

You are looking at a mini house called Kiiruna.

The word refers to a small arctic bird that lives on the top of the fells in Lapland, swinging on the buds of the dwarf birch trees. It is one of the few species that endure this cold and windy region throughout the year. Kiiruna is a brave bird that relies on its protective coloration; its ability to endure extreme cold is based on a thick layer of fat around its body as well as the flock keeping tightly together in the winter.

Yours truly, Rintala-Eggertson Architects

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