Inspired by a traditional barn, this building has been adapted to function as a practical holiday home including everything necessary: the kitchen is part of the living space, the toilet and shower room is comfortably spacious, and the bedroom at the end of the house can be separated with a sliding door. There is a sleeping loft that provides two more places to sleep. This house is made of solid wood with a reinforcing steel frame.

Exhibition partner: Artek

Art: Helsinki Contemporary

Welcome to Sommarnöjen’s house

Sommarnöjen designs, builds and delivers beautiful turnkey homes with nature in mind. For Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale, we have selected one of our most beloved models in Sweden, Original Sommar 30. In contrast to its humble exterior, the interior is equipped with everything you need for convenient living. Most of our houses are situated by the sea, in the archipelago or far north – where the views are beautiful, but the climate is harsh. We build them with that in mind, so they last for generations. Just because you love Scandinavian homes doesn’t mean you need to build one yourself. 

All the best from Sommarnöjen

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