DAMBI’s tea art & incense experience

July 2, 2019

Are you tired of the city life and looking for some relaxation? come for a peaceful experience with tea, incense and quiet music. Stay moist and peaceful with DAMBI’s tearoom. 

Threshing house / Puimala / Tröskhuset

Saturday 13 July 2019, 12 – 14

Sunday 14 July 2019, 14 – 16

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Dambi Kim focuses on a variety of modern plays and amusements based on traditional wisdom, using plants and natural materials. With her practice, she hopes for a revival of a lost connection between nature and humans. by playing a Korean traditional black zither, she was first introduced to the way of tea. philosophically, Sen Rikyu’s wabi teaching immensely caught her mind. she simply wanted to put it into practice in her every day life. she fell in love with Chinese tea during her sojourn in Europe. she returned to Asia to learn Chinese tea and incense ceremony. she is currently working on workshops, food experimentations, and modern rituals, offering a minimum of visual distractions and using all other senses of a human body.