Deka Studio Craft Futures: An exploration of craft livelihoods

29 Jun 2019

Craft Futures explores local Fiskars Village craft livelihoods. Based on Nora’s PhD research conducted in the village, this panel discussion aims to give insight into the working lives of the local craftspeople. Nora will present the key findings of her research, and following the presentation she will be accompanied by a panel of local craftspeople who will share in a discussion of their experiences of working in a contemporary artisan milieu. As a redirective designer Nora engages in research and practice to champion local production, and advocates for craft futures as a re-imagining of a culture that is centred on craft as a sustainable mode of production and the basis for sustainable ways of living.

Free entry. The venue is accessible: Languages: English, Finnish.


29 Jun 2019, 18–19.30


Cafe Bar Pesula Fiskars, Hälleforsintie 1, 10470 Fiskars