The Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale addresses topical issues in contemporary art, design and architecture, making room for something new and surprising. Its series of exhibitions invites artists, designers, architects, the public and the regional community to participate and encourages open questions. Organized for the second time next summer, the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale is looking for new ideas and experiences at the ever-redefining intersections of art and design. The historic ironworks environment is a perfect local tourist destination this summer, too.

The Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale is organized in the old foundry and the Raseborg region from 22 May to 4 September 2022.

Founded by Luovi Productions, Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale is produced in collaboration with Onoma. The main partner of the Fiskars Biennale is Fiskars.

Luovi Productions is a company founded in 1997 that provides curation, production and communication services. Luovi’s best known production is Helsinki Design Week, the largest design festival in the Nordic countries.

Onoma is one of the oldest and largest artists’ cooperative in Finland. The company founded in 1996 in Fiskars, Raseborg, has steadily grown and diversified. In 2022, it has 140 members from various creative fields and arts. The members represent 11 different nationalities. The cooperative runs a store in the Fiskars Village and online. In addition, Onoma organizes exhibitions and provides a residence for artists throughout the year.

Biennale’s main partner is Fiskars, founded in the Fiskars Village nearly 400 years ago. Today, Fiskars Village is a thriving, living community with a rich cultural history and unique nature, and where traditions and history are intertwined with modern, high-quality design expertise and a wide range of services for a sustainably conscious visitor.