19 May
15 Sept 2019

New Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale combines contemporary art and design and will engage artists, designers, local communities and various audiences. The Biennale will offer a topical, egalitarian platform for encounters between makers and enthusiasts. The first edition of the Biennale will run from 19 May, 2019 until 15 September, 2019.


Founded on the Fiskars river in 1649, the small foundry community is considered the birthplace of Finnish industrialism. The historical buildings in the village, all listed for conservation, and the surrounding biodiverse hardwood forests make the area a unique destination. Currently Fiskars Village is home to some 600 inhabitants, and it is a significant centre for handicrafts in Finland.

Anniina Koivu

Crafts Curator

The third Biennale exhibition, the FACTORY collection produced by ONOMA, The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars, will be curated by Anniina Koivu. This show will reflect on the creative potential of “the village as a factory”, look into historical and contemporary production processes and present new perspectives for design making, by combining experimental ideas and methods.

Jasper Morrison

Design Curator

The design ensemble will be curated by designer Jasper Morrison, the master of minimalistic details, who is intrigued by daily objects formed over time and their purpose of use. Creativity also deforms and deepens over time, and to reflect this idea, Morrison invites different generations of designers to participate in this exhibition, with no upper limit.

Jenni Nurmenniemi

Art Curator

The art curator of the Biennale Jenni Nurmenniemi will highlight interspecies coexistence and the functionality of materials instead of the human-centered perspective. Keywords include immersiveness, porosity, breathability and transparency. The temporal layers of the environment, the continuums between the spaces occupied by the Biennale, and extended connections to the village architecture and social structure will be emphasized by means of contemporary art.

Artists &

The artists and the designers will be published in the end of January.

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Producer Johanna Bruun

Director Kari Korkman
Luovi Productions / Helsinki Design Week


Fiskars Village, 10470 Fiskari, Finland

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Open Call

We invite region’s artists and designers to participate in the Biennale program with their private exhibitions and more spontaneous events.

The Open Call for submitting projects for the section PARALLEL PROGRAMME of the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale 2019 is on until January 31st, 2019.

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