24 May -15 September 2024

The summer exhibitions in Chappe; Making Art in My Dreams and Listening Eye

Making Art in My Dreams exhibition continues the Studio visit Chappe -series where Chappe invites contemporary artists to look at the Albert de la Chapelle Art Collection from different points of view – studying the old to create something new.

Media artist Leena Jääskeläinen’s documentary artwork in virtual reality (VR) Making Art in My Dreams contains various artworks among others a sculpture by Arina Baranova, a poem by Dorina Owindi and music composed by Susanna Viljanmaa. The VR artwork comments Juhani Linnovaara’s painting Spanish Landscape, which belongs to the Albert de la Chapelle Art Collection. The exhibition displays other Juhani Linnovaara’s artworks that are part of Albert de la Chapelle’s and Clara D. Bloomfield de la Chapelle’s private collection. With the exhibition Chappes wishes to honor the birth of Juhani Linnovaara that took place 90 years ago.

The exhibition The Listening Eye brings together a varied selection of works from the Finnish Fine Arts Foundations. The exhibition is spread across Tammisaari’s culture quarter, to both Chappe and Gallery Elverket.

The exhibition concept is based on a painting in The Fortum Art Collection, Juhana Blomstedt’s (1937–2010) Listening Eye (1982). The painting is from the series by the same name, which Blomstedt exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1982.

Gustav Wasasgata 11, Ekenäs/Tammisaari