Another of the Biennale’s Main Exhibitions celebrates the 30th anniversary of the artist cooperative Onoma. An exhibition called Fragile is curated by Marja Sakari and will take place at the Copper Smithy.

Onoma’s internationally recognized summer exhibition tradition is long. However, on this anniversary year, the curator’s desire was to focus on locality, and most of the artists chosen are from Fiskars. The theme of the 2024 exhibition brings thoughts to world politics and nature as well as to the fragility of life in general.
The village community formed by Fiskars artists and craftsmen can be seen as a fragile structure loosely shaped around creativity, but at the same time it has become suitably resilient and powerful. The area history, nature, traditional crafts, peaceful environments and inspiring work spaces are still factors that attract different artists. People come and go, but art and creativity will always be present.

The Fragile Exhibition features works by a total of 69 artists. An additional five artists, selected from the Onoma’s international residency programme Fiskars AiR will also join the exhibition.