Genie’s Lamp -Pottery Workshop Billnäs Gård x Ateljé By

Meaningful Encounters, Talks on Art and Design & Clay Workshop

In the Genie’s Lamp ceramic workshop you will design and create your own lamp from clay under the guidance of artist and designer Mari Isopahkala.

During the claywork process, you will write a message on a piece of paper to be placed inside the lamp. This message is the “genie” in the lamp, symbolizing the meaning, thought, or idea you want to remember whenever you light up your lamp.

The content of the workshop is curated by Atelje By and takes place in the beautiful manor surroundings of Billnäs Gård. The day retreat also includes a three-course lunch served in the garden or halls of Billnäs Gård manor. During lunch Mari Isopahkala will host talks about the significance of art, design, and beauty.