5 August – 5 September 2024

Life Socks: The Joint Exhibition of Mikael Mäenpää and Pekka Ijäs

A joint exhibition by Mikael Mäenpää and Pekka Ijäs, exploring everyday subjects and objects through art, design, and an element of absurd and surprising humor.

Mikael Mäenpää is a Helsinki-based graphic designer and artist, also known as a founding member of the streetwear brand all good.

Pekka Ijäs is a creative professional from Helsinki who also works in Fiskars. In addition to his education in architecture, he has a background in fashion design through his own brand, WWOOLLFF CO. Ijäs is a member of the Onoma cooperative in Fiskars and will also participate as an artist in the 2024 Hauras exhibition.

Kupru galleria, Kuparipajan kivijalka, Kuparivasarantie 5, 10470 Fiskars

Free entrance